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Learn to Play Dragonfly!

Good morning!
Would you like to learn how to play Hurricane Ridge, Dragonfly, Chasing the Sun, Alaska Set or Wildflower Jigs?

🎉 We're so excited to announce that the sheet music for our new album, Dragonfly, is now available and in a variety of formats; a digital PDF, a physical BOOK, and, for the first time ever -- as an online video course! 🎬


✨ The Video Courses ✨
For the first time ever, we've made two online video courses! Learn on fiddle or D penny whistle. Each song and tune from Dragonfly are slowed down so you can pick them up by ear. Plus it features closeups of fingers so you can learn by sight, too. If your favorite way to pick up a tune is learning it by ear, these play-along video series are for you!

✨ The Tune Books ✨
18 simplified tunes and songs from Dragonfly, for both fiddle and D penny whistle. Learn the basic tunes, and play along with the recorded mp3 for guidance. Also includes chords for accompaniment on guitar or piano. Tune books are easy to intermediate and great for beginning fiddle or whistle players!

The Violin Sheet Music
Learn the full songs and tunes from Dragonfly on violin, and play along with the album! This sheet music includes chords for accompaniment on guitar or piano, and for the first time ever we have a physical, sprial-bound book available. The sheet music is for intermediate to advanced violin players who are looking for something fun to supplement your violin learning!


Go grab your music and get started learning Dragonfly today! Enjoy!

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