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Christmas Discography: 3 CDs
Christmas Discography: 3 CDs

Christmas Discography: 3 CDs

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The Gothard Sisters
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❄️ Experience Christmas Gothard Sisters Style! ❄️

Can't decide on a Christmas album? Enjoy nearly 3 hours of Gothard Sisters Christmas music and save a bundle at the same time. πŸŽ»πŸŽ„βœ¨


  • ❄️ Falling Snow (2016)
  • 🎁 Christmas (2010)
  • 🎻 Christmas Violins (2006)
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"We're waking up to Falling Snow daily!" - Barbara

"Perfect for people who want a unique spin on traditional holiday fare." - Carol

"They have a wonderful sound. My whole family, including the dog, loves it." - James (very important!)

"Three weeks after Christmas and I still listen to Falling Snow each morning with my coffee." - Duane

"Some people say that there is too much Christmas music out there, but those people haven't heard the Gothard Sisters." - Andrea