How Do You Listen?

Greta here: I have a question for you. Do you listen to albums on CD now? Or have you migrated your listening habits to streaming services or downloads? I'm very curious what your favorite one is, or how your habits have changed, even in the last year.

As for me, I kind of do everything! (Except for maybe downloads, although I still have quite a few songs in my out-of-date iTunes library.) I still listen to CDs in the car, but listen to most music on Spotify these days, and some on YouTube. What about you?

I posted this question on social media at the beginning of the year, and the answers were absolutely fascinating! You can read the original post on Facebook here and on Instagram here, but here is a sampling of the *wide variety* of responses:

"I do CDs, MP3s, music through Google's Echo and Alexa, and sometimes Pandora and Spotify. I have searched YouTube for music, too. 
I prefer to own CDs so I can listen how I wish."
- Vickey B.

"Definitely listen to your CDs - my 3-year-old loves them, they are a MUST on every car trip  And I prefer him to learn how to handle CDs carefully than being too handy with my smartphone etc. at this age..."
- Florence B.

"My preference is Vinyl records but I also listen to CDs and Cassettes."
- James P.

"I mostly do CDs or radio in the car. Otherwise I stream, but that has changed in the past year. I used to use Amazon Music but they changed everything towards the end of the year so I've been going back and forth between Spotify and YouTube, but I think I might like YouTube better."
- Lindsey B.

"I listen to Spotify almost exclusively. I like a wide variety of music."
- Dani H.

Chime In: What do YOU think? 

Also curious: if you are not in the US, which is the top streaming service in your country? Let us know about that, too!

See you down the road,
Greta, Willow and Solana
The Gothard Sisters

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