Digital Download - Celtic Folk Music Discography

Digital Download - Celtic Folk Music Discography

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The Gothard Sisters
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🎻 Experience the Celtic Folk Collection 🎻

Can't decide on an album? Enjoy nearly 5 hours of Gothard Sisters Celtic Folk music and save a bundle at the same time. 🌿🕯✨

Includes Albums:

  • 🌿 It's the Little Things - 10 Year Anniversary (2019)
  • 🌞 Midnight Sun (2018)

    Midnight Sun is the "sister album" to Dragonfly.

    This was the Gothard Sisters' first album of completely original music. It has a theme of adventure, with songs of the sea ("Mermaids," and "Bells on the Hill"), travel and coming home, ("Wandering," and "Colors of Home"), story-rhyming songs ("Cat and the Fiddle," and "Rose, Marie and Heather") as well as several of the sisters' most popular tune sets. ("Hummingbird," "Against the Grain," and "Mazama Mornings.")

  • 🏔 Mountain Rose (2015)

    Mountain Rose is the most Folk-Americana record.

    Getting back to a more down-home, acoustic sound, Mountain Rose features resonant fiddling, folky waltzes, clear vocals and homey arrangements. It features Celtic and traditional standards, along with Gothard Sisters folk originals with an energetic kick.
    (Includes "The Bandit," "Queen of Argyll," "Mountain Rose Waltz," "Grace O'Malley," "St. Anne's Reel," "The Boatman's Call" and more.)

  • 🌊 Compass (2013)

    Compass is a Celtic-classical musical soundscape.

    Compass has the most fantastical arrangement style of all the albums.
    Featuring Gothard Sisters versions of Celtic classics ("Danny Boy," "Water is Wide," and "The Whistling Gypsy Rover") as well as epic fiddle tunes with full production and strings. ("Feast of the Elven King," "Guinevere," and "Flying Sails") a beautiful love song ("Call and the Answer") and an anthem ("Solid Ground."

  • 🕯 Story Girl (2011)

    The album that started it all.

    Story Girl was the Gothard Sisters' first official Celtic Folk album. It features some of their first original compositions ("Willow's Waltz," "It's the Little Things," "The Three Coins," and "Marching On") as well as Gothard Sisters arrangements of traditional Celtic ballads ("Fields of Athenry," "Raglan Road" and "Scarborough Fair.")
    Take a trip down memory lane and discover some new favorites along the way.

and Single Release:

  • 🍁  Chasing the Sun (2020)
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"Your music never ceases to inspire me!" - Kelsey

"This is probably the greatest Celtic music ever!" - Ronald

"Every track is a pure joy to listen to." - Gerald

"The presentation is youthful and fresh, while the roots and traditions are always kept in mind." - FolkWords

"I listen to your songs daily. Thanks for all the beautiful music." - Vern 

"With every album the Gothard Sisters release, they raise the bar." - Bob


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