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Complete Collection Tune Book for Fiddle (PDF)
Complete Collection Tune Book for Fiddle (PDF)
Complete Collection Tune Book for Fiddle (PDF)
Complete Collection Tune Book for Fiddle (PDF)

Complete Collection Tune Book for Fiddle (PDF)

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The Gothard Sisters
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Want to learn the complete collection of reels, marches, jigs and waltzes written by the Gothard Sisters?

Learn 52 simplified Gothard Sisters original tunes and songs with this downloadable PDF fiddle tune book!

From "Hummingbird" to "Willow's Waltz" to "Hurricane Ridge," this complete collection of tunes will provide hours of fun and learning. Includes a recording of fiddle and guitar playing each tune, to help as an example while you play. Also includes chords for accompaniment. 

Skill Level:

  • Easy - Intermediate

Digital Download Details:

  • Instant PDF Tune Book Download 
  • Fiddle and Guitar Demo Tracks (64.3 MB)


  • Against the Grain: Tune 1
  • Against the Grain: Tune 2
  • Against the Grain: Tune 3
  • Hurricane Ridge: Blue Forest Valley
  • Mazama Mornings: Blue Star
  • Cat and the Fiddle
  • Cat in a Bush: Cat in a Bush
  • Celebration Reel: Tune 1
  • Celebration Reel: Tune 2
  • Chasing the Sun
  • Christmas Flower
  • Compass
  • Mazama Mornings: Cowboy Mud
  • Feast of the Elven King Reel
  • Alaska Set: Hatcher Pass
  • Alaska Set: Huckleberry Everything
  • Hummingbird
  • Hurricane Ridge: Hurricane Ridge
  • It Was Beautiful
  • Mazama Mornings: Mazama Mornings
  • Neighbor's Reel
  • Hurricane Ridge: Olympic View
  • Sailor and the Mermaid
  • Cat in a Bush: Stealth
  • The Bandit: The Bandit
  • The Bandit: The Farmer's Market
  • The Landing
  • Alaska Set: The Purple Moose
  • The Three Coins


  • I Courted a Sailor: Bound for the Waves
  • Chaos in La Casa: Tune 1
  • Chaos in La Casa: Tune 2
  • Fairy Dance Jig
  • Feast of the Elven King Jig
  • Wildflower Jigs: Foxglove and Ferns
  • Chaos in La Casa: Gary and Maria's Jig
  • Wildflower Jigs: Paintbrush Meadow
  • Rose, Marie and Heather
  • Sailor and the Mermaid
  • The Happy Elf
  • Wildflower Jigs: Tiger Lily Trail


  • A Song for Lark
  • Happy Sad Empty Full
  • Mountain Rose Waltz
  • When the Rain Falls
  • Willow's Waltz: Tune 1
  • Willow's Waltz: Tune 2


  • Elderflower March
  • Flying Sails
  • Marching On
  • Midnight Sun
  • The Golden Thread

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Greta, Willow and Solana
The Gothard Sisters


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